The minimum investment for the Vaughan Nelson Global Equity SMID Fund (unquoted class) is A$50,000. The minimum additional investment is A$5,000. The Responsible Entity for the Vaughan Nelson Global Equity SMID Fund may waive these minimum amounts in certain circumstances, such as investments by platforms or IDPS providers.

There is no minimum investment for the Vaughan Nelson Global Equity SMID Fund (Quoted Managed Fund).

While a financial adviser or broker can help identify your financial goals and help you to determine whether an investment best suits your needs, you can invest directly with us.

To invest directly in the Vaughan Nelson Global Equity SMID Fund (unquoted class), you must carefully read the information and disclosure documents on the New Investors page. These will help you understand the Fund and the risks involved.

You will need to follow the instructions on the Application Form. Once this is completed, you will need to provide your supporting identification documents required under the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financing Act and send these documents to our Investment Administrator. You will also need to deposit your application monies directly into the Fund’s bank account.

No. All applications to invest in the Vaughan Nelson Global Equity SMID Fund must be submitted on the current Application Form, located on the New Investors page of this website.

If you do submit your application on an older version of the Application Form, we will contact you and ask you to complete your application on the current Application Form.

(We may choose to retain the AML/CTF verification documents you supplied with your original application, so that you do not need to resend these, as long as you have provided all the necessary documents.)

The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) 2010 requires citizens of the United States, including those who live outside the US, to report their financial accounts. Because of this, you will need to fill in this section. If you do not fill in this section, the Responsible Entity will follow up with you to ensure the required FATCA information is captured.

Some banks do not allow enough space to enter all of your account name details. You may shorten your account details to: IML AS RE [Investor Name]. Please put in enough of your account name so that it is easy to apply to your application.