Founded in 1970 with a Houston-based HQ, today we manage around US $16 billion of equity and fixed income portfolios for non-profit, public and corporate plans and individuals.
Built on a client-focused philosophy

We believe investing is about offsetting future obligations, not just having market exposure.
The Vaughan Nelson philosophy can be summed up on three short statements:

  1. Temporary inefficiencies and time arbitrage create long-term opportunities
  2. Targeted return focus
  3. Concentrated, high-conviction, high-active share.

Vaughan Nelson is an affiliate of global asset management company Natixis Investment Managers.

Now available in Australia

Vaughan Nelson is a global leader in small-mid cap equities and has been investing on behalf of institutional clients in Australia since 2008.

In 2022 Vaughan Nelson partnered with fellow Natixis affiliate Investors Mutual Limited (IML) to launch the Vaughan Nelson Global Equity SMID Fund and the Active ETF/ Vaughan Nelson Global Equity SMID Fund (Quoted Managed Fund) in the Australian market.

Vaughan Nelson is exempt from the requirement to hold an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) under the Corporations Act 2001 (Commonwealth) in respect of financial services provided to wholesale clients.

Our firm


US $16.4 billion under management as of 31 December 2023

6 Equity strategies

4 Fixed income strategies


49 employees

24 investment team professionals

12 chartered financial analyst designations

3 Ph.D.s


Short-term inefficiencies create long-term opportunities

Targeted return focus

Concentrated, high-conviction, high active share


Stock selection driven by targeted return objective, not benchmark construction

Rigorous, bottom-up fundamental analysis

Designed to limit macro uncertainty

Photo credit: Peter McBride